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  • Former recruiter reviews the top Professional Resume Writers and Resume Writing Services. Compare quality, features, pricing and guarantees.
  • Your resume has 7 seconds to make a good first impression. This former recruiter shares the Top 10 Tips for creating the most Effective Resume.
  • What's the most effective Resume Format - chronological or functional? Well, that depends, as each format carries baggage. A former recruiter and pro resume writer explains.
  • Your resume has 7 seconds to make a good first impression. And since your Job Resume Objective is likely to be the first thing read, your fortunes are riding on a handful of words. Here's help.
  • A resume summary is a thumbnail of the skills and talents that make you the perfect fit for the job. A former recruiter shows how to write a resume summary.
  • Not necessarily, says this former recruiter. Not all jobs are equal. How to prioritize, select, and organize the jobs on a resume.
  • Resume accomplishments... you know you need 'em. 5 tips on how to dig them out, quantify them, and effectively employ resume accomplishments.
  • Should you put your GPA on your resume? If you're a college senior or a recent graduate, you've likely heard conflicting reports. A former recruiter weighs in.
  • Resume references... they've killed more job prospects than white wingtips. Here's help handling professional references, from a former recruiter.
  • Bio of website author, David Alan Carter. A former technical recruiter and pro resume writer, David is now committed to sharing the tips and secrets of creating a job winning resume--and identifying those services that can truly help along the way toward career happiness.
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Your resume has just 7 seconds... to make a good first impression. Is yours up to the task? Could a professional touch make the difference?
We took the most popular resume writers on the Web and put them to the test. We looked at writer certification, quality of work, customer service, pricing and guarantees.
See what we found...

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